British Columbia

   Area 372,630 square miles. Vancouver Island became a crown colony in 1849; ten years later the mainland was organized as a separate colony; in 1866 island and mainland became one; and in 1871 the colony became a province of the Dominion of Canada.
   Index: D Organic existence since 1859, or including Vancouver Island, since 1849, 1; origin of name, 57; gold-fields, 22; created separate colony, 1858, 229; early government of, 231-235; revenue, 232; roads, etc., 232, 237-238, 249-253; relations with the Hudson's Bay Company, 233; character of early population, 241-243; formal establishment of colony at Fort Langley, 1858, 245-246; Hill's Bar affair, 248-249; plans for transcontinental road, 253-254; population in 1859, 256; agriculture, 256-257; financial problems, 258-262; dissatisfaction with dual governorship, 289; popular grievances, 290-291; views of Douglas, 291-293; Legislative Council, 294-297; union of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, 297-300, 308; British Columbia Legislature meets for first time in Victoria, Dec. 17, 1867, 311; entry into Dominion, 311-316; terms of union, 313-315; first Legislative Assembly after the union, 315; transcontinental railway, 317-328; population, 1900,328; agriculture, 329-330; fisheries, 330-331; lumber, 332-333; minerals, 333-334; industrial problems, 335; oriental labour, 336-337; education, 338-340. Md Opposition to entry into Confederation, 149; difficulties removed, 149; terms of union, 149-150; union completed, July 20, 1871, 150; difficulties over building of Canadian Pacific Railway drive province to verge of secession, 215, 233-234.
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